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Karnataka 2nd PUC English Workbook Answers Streams Articles and Prepositions

I. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate articles/prepositions wherever necessary.

1. This book of science fiction is _______ alien who is naughty. _______ book is also very _______ informative. I suggested the book _______ friend.
1. about;
2. an;
3. The;
4. ;
5. to;
6. a.

2. The teacher gave us _______ assignment _______ interesting topic. She told us to submit _______ assignment _______ Monday.
1. an;
2. on;
3. an;
4. the;
5. ;
6. on.

3. The people were dissatisfied _______ leaders’ performance. So they decided to boycott _______ elections as _______ mark _______ protest. _______ leaders appealed _______ them to reconsider their decision.
1. with;
2. the;
3. the;
4. a;
5. of;
6. The;
7. to.

4. 1 production _______ steel has gone up _______ ten percent _______ the last one year. Thismaylead _______ increase of _______ twenty percent _______ construction costs _______ country.
1. The;
2. of;
3. by;
4. in;
5. to;
6. an;
7. about;
8. in;
9. in;
10. the.

5. _______ the interview, _______ candidate was asked some interesting questions initially _______ his personal interests. _______ few more questions were asked _______ the same lines so that there would be no tension _______ the candidate.
1. In;
2. the;
3. of;
4. A;
5. on;
6. for.

6. Little Radha was _______ the garden filling in _______ hole when her neighbour peered _______ _______ fence, interested _______ what the cheeky-faced youngster was doing.

He politely asked, “What are you up to there, Radha?
“My goldfish died,” replied Radha tearfully without looking up, “And I’ve just buried him.”

The neighbor was concerned, ‘That’s _______ awfully big hole _______ goldfish, isn’t it?” Radha patted down _______ last heap _______ earth and then replied, “That’s because he is inside your cat.”
1. in;
2. a;
3. through;
4. the;
5. in;
6. an;
7. for;
8. a;
10. of.

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