Students can Download 1st PUC English Previous Year Question Paper March 2018 (North), Karnataka 1st PUC English Model Question Papers with Answers help you to revise complete Syllabus.

Karnataka 1st PUC English Previous Year Question Paper March 2018 (North)

Time: 3 Hrs. 15 Mins.
Max. Marks: 100


  • Follow the prescribed limit while answering the questions.
  • Write the correct question number as it appears on the question paper.
  • One mark question attempted more than once will be awarded zero.
  • For multiple-choice questions choose the correct answer and rewrite it.

I. Answer the following in a word, a phrase, or a sentence each. (12 × 1 = 12)

Question 1.
What kind of judgment did the man expect in, “The Gentleman of the Jungle”?
An impartial judgment.

Question 2.
How do Mongoose and Cowcal cure themselves of snake bites?
By chewing the leaves of the medicinal creeper.

Question 3.
How did the narrator earn his living in, “Oru Manushyan”?
By teaching English to the migrant laborers.

Question 4.
A person could feel a tremor when he
(a) hands out a one-pound note
(b) hands ou a ten-pound note
(c) Receives a ten-pound note.
(b) hands out ten-pound note.

Question 5.
What was Tulu Rani Hazra’s occupation?

Question 6.
How many Gods are supposed to dwell in the body of the cow in the poem, “It was a tree”?
Three Hundred Thousand Gods.

Question 7.
Where, according to Mara, had Hanuman found Sanjeevini in the Lesson, “Watchman of the Lake”?
On the east of the mountain

KSEEB Solutions 1st PUC English Previous Year Question Paper March 2018 (North)

Question 8.
How did the farmer commit suicide in “The Farmer’s Wife”?
By consuming poison/By poisoning himself.

Question 9.
How old was Frederick Douglass when his mother died?
Seven years.

Question 10.
What does the old woman offer to do in order to get a fifty paise coin from the speaker?
To take the speaker to the horseshoe shrine.

Question 11.
Name the city in which Lucia was undergoing treatment in the lesson, “Two Gentlemen of Verona”.

Question 12.
What gave the spring ever-lasting youth in the poem, “Do not ask of Me, My Love”?
The beauty of the beloved.

II. Answer any eight of the following in a paragraph of 50-70 words each : (8 × 4 = 32)

Question 13.
Why does the child hate to go to school in, “The School Boy”?
The boy is very happy being with nature. He loves to rise on a summer morning. He would love to hear the birds singing on every tree. He would love to hear the sound of horns of hunters at faraway places. He would love to sing with the skylarks. The very thought of going to school makes him sad. He felt the school was a prison. It creates fear and anxiety. He is unable to concentrate as it doesn’t help to widen his mental horizon and physical growth.

KSEEB Solutions 1st PUC English Previous Year Question Paper March 2018 (North)

Question 14.
What was the story behind Mara’s loss of teeth?
Mara went to the forest. He had laid a trap to catch rabbits. He went early doubting someone will take his trap away. The trap was empty. He went to a nearby stream. He decided to brush his teeth. He plucked a small stick from a nearby plant. He felt sour. He took water from the stream churned and spit out all the teeth touched by the plant fell down.

Question 15.
How does the stranger rescue the narrator in, “Oru Manushyan”?
Once. tile narrator went to a restaurant with fourteen rupees in his a1let kept in the pocket and ate a full meal consisting of chapatis and meat CUrry. He drank tea. The bill was eleven annas. He searched his pocket to pay the bill, but was shocked that his wallet was not in his pocket and someone had stolen it. When he said tile same to the oner. the owner caught him by the lapels and ordered him to pay up. But as lie did not have an’ moue’, he offered to keep his coat there and later ould bring some money and claim the coat. But the owner asked him to take off all his clothes. When lie was removing them with great humiliation, a stranger came and helped the narrator by paying his bill.

Question 16.
How was education imparted in BabarAli’s School?
Haber All started his school at the age of nine. ¡n fact his school “Anand Siksha Niketan” grew out of a game. Initially, the children used to play with Babar as a teacher. His friends had never seen the inside of a school. so they enjoyed playing students, They ended learning arithmetic and enjoying it. In 2002, this game got institutionalized the strength of eight. Word spread and the numbers grew. Mans’ friends of Ah and Non-Government Organisations. lAS officers and local cops donated rice for midday meals. At last, Government took the initiative to provide rice to the school. Now the school has 800 students in total. ith 10 volunteer teachers teaching for classes one to eight. It is a godsent opportunity for the poor children of the neighboring villages.,

Question 17.
Why does the poet wish to become a tree?
The speaker wanted to be a tree because no one would discriminate against it and birds wouldn’t ask to what caste it belonged and sunlight would (approach) embrace it and its shadow wouldn’t be termed polluted. It can make friendship with the cool breeze, and raindrops would not go back by thinking that it is untouchable. The tree would feel happy with the touch of a sacred cow and it would get the opportunity of providing shelter for the hundred thousand Gods said to be residing in the cow. The tree can become pure when it iš cut into dry pieces and burnt in the holy fire and can help the sinless dead both by becoming a bier on the shoulders of four good men.

The poem describes the sense of equality present in nature. Sunlight and cool breeze treat everybody with love and spread their sweetness to all without discrimination. Unlike some humans who feel polluted getting in contact with the untouchables. nature has no such sense of superiority. All are equal in their eves.

The poem also presents social discrimination, as the speaker is much humiliated by the social discrimination and wanted to become a tree to escape from discrimination in society. He feels the safety. purity and generosity and helping nature of a tree more than in human beings. In society, a man without thinking of helping others thinks which is pure and which is polluted. He neglects and discriminates against some and appreciates others in name of caste. creed and religion. So this practice is meaningless and the practice must be prohibited to sustain equality in society.

KSEEB Solutions 1st PUC English Previous Year Question Paper March 2018 (North)

Question 18.
How did Mara’s sacrifice save the lake?
Mara’s sacrifice remains eternal in the history of men who saved lakes. He was the man who didn’t think about himself even for a single day but always about others. In other words, his social service is unforgettable to the society, he is the great environmentalist whom the modem materialists must follow and adore to protect the natUre. Mara’s sacrifice of (leaving his body) taking his last breath is ultimate. Of course, today’s people cannot do that much but have to sacrifice a little of their wants and needs to protect nature. People should not pollute rivers in the name of ‘yatras’ and funerals. All superstitious beliefs and must be stopped now. Man must live according to his needs and not for his wants. For this, he has to follow the examples of tribals who live a contented life with whatever they get. They do not torture nature for coal or gold and live in a simple way. If men learn to lead a simple life that is the greatest sacrifice to protect nature from calamities.

Question 19.
How is the plight of the farmer’s wife depicted in the poem, “The Farmer’s Wife”?
The poem “The Farmer’s Wife” is a tragic poem that reflects the helpless conditions of farmers’ widows. The plight of the widows is explained by one such widow. The poet uses man phrases to contrast her condition with that of her dead husband. She called the farmer as virtuous’ and herself a ‘poor sinner’. The farmer was unable to pay the debts and he left all the debts to his wife, so she was very sad about his act of committing suicide. The feminist concept was also highlighted in the poem, the phrase “I was born with a head bent” justifies the discrimination in our society between men and women. Man is born with his head held high, but a woman is born with her head bent. But he did not face his creditors bravely and left all this to his wife to solve.

She accused her husband that he poisoned himself and gone away by poisoning his wife’s existence. She remembered the memories of his beating. blaming, drinking, and kicking haunting her. She never dreamt that he would commit suicide. It was true that the crop was gone but the debt remained there and dignity had bit the dust. She expresses her helplessness that how would she be able to bear the burden of their four children. She compared her condition with ‘worm-eaten cotton pods.” She got ambiguous and asked what was that and why he committed suicide.

At last, she confidently asserts her determination to struggle out her life even without her husband for the sake of her children. So, she shos a strong will to survive against all difficulties. Her voice is raised against society in general.

Question 20.
How does Douglass portray the life of the slaves?
The passage reflects the brutal hidden faces of the masters who treat their slaves cruelly. The slaves were not given proper food. They were exploited without any freedom. Especially for women, it was double exploitation in the name of patriarchy and in the name of slavery. When the girls at teenage seem to be beautiful for their masters, they use them sexually and if they give birth to children, the children were sold at the age of infants to avoid their sentimental relationship.

The passage also explains the heart-rendering description of walking at night for several miles of mothers to see their children. Moreover, they could talk only a little bit because the children would be tired and go to sleep but in the morning they have to go back to work before sunrise. 1f they fail, they get whipping. This shows the brutal nature of white masters towards their slaves.

Question 21.
Describe the changes that occur in the speaker’s attitude towards the old woman in the poem, “An Old Woman”.
The poet by depicting her physical appearance makes ‘An Old Woman’ more sympathetic. The passer-by initially did not show much sympathy to her but later when he observes keenly her physical appearance and when she offered to become a tourist guide to sho% around the shrine, he was very much moved by her condition and admired her self respect. here, a passer represents anybody in general, Finally when he feels as if the sb was falling with the sound of plate glass clatter all around the old crone who was shatterproof and standing alone. he undergoes a change in attitude. So, the old woman was successful in evoking sympathy from anyone. in front of the temple.

KSEEB Solutions 1st PUC English Previous Year Question Paper March 2018 (North)

Question 22.
Describe the circumstances that made Nicola and Jacopo homeless.
War is the element of mass destruction and total annihilation of cities and populations. War not only affects soldiers but also civilians. Jacopo and Nicola are adversely affected by war. The boys lost everything in the war including their father and their house. War affected the boys emotionally. They were thrown onto the streets their sister became a victim of tuberculosis. Jacopo and Nicola’s sheer dint and hard work is an example that war may destroy home but not one’s heart.

III. Answer one of the following in about 200 words. (1 × 6 = 6)

Question 23.
How is the imperial attitude of the jungle lords brought out the lesson? “The Gentlemen of the Jungle”?
“The Gentlemen of the Jungle” is an allegory with a moral. It is a political satire that shows the selfish ways of the colonizers. The animals represent the colonizers. Man as the colonized. The relationship of the colonizers and the colonized. The colonizers have an arrogant attitude. They think it is their duty to reform backward classes. The story tells about the selfish deeds of the animals who think they are jungle lords.
“Money is dangerous due to man’s madness for it” – Substantiate your opinion.
The poem Money Madness by D.H. Lawrence focuses on how a man becomes more materialistic and loses the values and sentiments in society. He respects money over relationships. Society goes on to measure a man in terms of money. A man who does not have money does not get respect from society and those who have more get respect and are obeyed by all. So to get all these social status, the man gives much importance to money and he never helps other fellow beings who a be in difficulties.

The poet says that man has this money madness and it is widely spread among men. Fie affirms that if society goes behind money, individuals to goes behind the same. He confirms that no man gives a pound without pain and no man gives ten pounds without trembling, and the man loses his generosity. Man makes more, but money makes man and many things. So. the man fears money and tries to accumulate it and respects it instead of other men. The poet also warns that money-less people should not be treated with neglect and should not be treated based on status.

The poet fears for mankind that if it measures another man only in terms of money, there would be no future for human relationships. If people do not regain sanity about money, certainly money has got men down to become its slaves So. the poet offers a genuine solution that bread shoUld be free, shelter should be free and fire should be free to all the people in the world.

In the overall view of the poem, the poet worries about man’s greed for money and offers a better solution for a better tomorrow.
How does “Watchman of the Lake” brings out the idea that, “Nature is both protective and destructive”?
Basically, nature is goodness personified. It showers its blessings on people in abundance. People must respect what nature provides them and reciprocate by not destroying nature. When people take care of the nature and environment, it protects them. Rivers, trees, hills are all part of nature and they are all for the benefit of mankind. When a man cuts down the trees, blasts the hills, etc., nature’s imbalance causes floods, landslides, and other calamities. Water flows in a river, and if used ise1v serves for drinking, irrigation, and other uses. This dry season there man’s not enough water, so excess water coming in torrents during monsoon should be stored by constructing tanks for the waters of the rivers. When the rivers are over-polluted. it results in overflow and floods causing loss of livers, lands, and properties. Nature that way is both productive and destructive.

KSEEB Solutions 1st PUC English Previous Year Question Paper March 2018 (North)

IV. Read the following passage and answer the questions set on it. (10 × 1 = 10)

Pineapple, one of the popular tropical fruits, is widely cultivated in South India; Assam, and the other Himalayan States. It is one of the rare fruits that can be grown in shades, preferably under mango trees. The plant grows widely in any soil and does not require much care.

The shoots of the plants reach maturity within a short span of time. It takes 15 to 22 months for a plant to bear fruit; the fruit possesses a wonderful taste and an excellent flavor. In America, some of the farmers are producing fibreless variety – One type of pineapple is almost without any core.

Pineapple has medicinal values. It contains an enzyme called Bromelain that helps the body digest protein and fats. So, pineapple juice along with the meals is recommended for people suffering from indigestion.

Fresh pineapple juice relieves thirst and soothes the throat, especially the vocal cords. So, it is a valuable tonic for singers. Another chemical product of pineapple is chlorine that stimulates the kidneys. In dropsy, a disease-causing collection of water fluid in the body. Pineapple juice is helpful in relieving jaundice and strengthening the liver. In Diptheria, pineapple juice relieves the misery and irritable condition of the throat. If the juice is sour, one should add honey instead of sugar to improve its medicinal properties.

Question 24.
Where is pineapple widely cultivated?
In South India, Assam, and the other Himalayan States.

Question 25.
Which chemical present in pineapples stimulates kidneys?

Question 26.
How much time does the pineapple plant take to bear fruit?
15 to 22 months.

Question 27.
Which variety of pineapples is grown in America?
Fibreless Variety.

KSEEB Solutions 1st PUC English Previous Year Question Paper March 2018 (North)

Question 28.
Who is recommended to take pineapple juice along with the meals?
People Suffering from indigestion.

Question 29.
Which is the enzyme that helps the body digest protein and fats.

Question 30.
Why is fresh pineapple juice is a valuable tonic for singers?
Soothes throat, especially vocal cords.

Question 31.
________ is a disease-causing water fluid collection in the body.
(a) Jaundice
(b) Dropsy
(c) Diptheria.
(b) Dropsy

Question 32.
Add prefix to the word “digestion” to make an antonym of the word.

Question 33.
Find the word in the passage which means, “grown”.

V. A. Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles and prepositions given in brackets. (1 × 4 = 4)

Question 34.
Verona is _______lovely city and rich_______history. The streets and splendid buildings are of _____exquisite pale honey colour. Romeo and Juliet are reputed _______ have lived there, (to, the, an, a, in).
a, in, an, to.

KSEEB Solutions 1st PUC English Previous Year Question Paper March 2018 (North)

B. Fill in the blanks with the suitable form of the verbs given in brackets. (1 × 4 = 4)

Question 35.
In 1838, Frederick Douglass________(escape) from slavery and ________(go) to New York City where he_____ (marry) Anna Murray whom he _______(have + meet) in Baltimore.
escaped, went, married, had met.

C. Choose the correct form of the verb that agrees with the subject. (1 × 3 = 3)

Question 36.
To go to school on a summer morning _______(drive/drives) away the joy of the boy. He _____ (spend/spends) the day in mesery and_____(sit/sits) in the cage.
drives, spends, sits.

D. Correct the following sentences and rewrite them. (2 × 1 = 2)

Question 37.
He worked very hardly.
He worked very hard.

KSEEB Solutions 1st PUC English Previous Year Question Paper March 2018 (North)

Question 38.
He is superior than me.
He is superior to me.

E. Rewrite as directed. (6 × 1 = 6)

Question 39.
The bird has a long blue ______(tale/tail). (Fill in the blacks with the appropriate word given in brackets)

Question 40.
Students learnt the correct (pronounce) of the words. (Complete the sentence With the right form of word given in the brackets).

Question 41.
Oh the left side/Mara/everything/ had to chew/of his mouth. (Rearrange the segments to form a meaningful sentence)
Mara had to chew everything on the left side of his mouth.

Question 42.
The boys had to work very hard to earn a living. (Add a question tag).
Hadn’t they?

KSEEB Solutions 1st PUC English Previous Year Question Paper March 2018 (North)

Question 43.
Mara tied it to the nearby tree. (Change into a question beginning with the right form of ‘Do’)
Did Mara tie it to a near by tree?

Question 44.
The narrator went to a restaurant to have lunch. (Frame a question so as to get the underlined word as answers).
Why did the narrator go to a restaurant?

VI. A. Refer to the following Train schedule and answer the question set on it : (4 × 1 = 4)

1st PUC English Previous Year Question Paper March 2018 (North) 1
Question 45.
(i) Which team has the highest run rate?
(ii) How many matches has Royal Challengers played?
(iii) How many matches has Rajasthan Royals lost?
(iv) Name the team that has the lowest run rate.
(ii) 5
(iii) 1
(iv) Sunrisers Hyderabad.

B. Imagine that you have lost your I PUC identity card. Write a letter to the Principal of your college requesting him/her to issue a duplicate identity card. (1 × 5 = 5)

Question 46.
Your letter should include the following points:

  • Reasons for the loss.
  • Your Register Number
  • Your home address.

Neha Gupta
# 22, 1st cross,
Gandhinagar, Bangalore-04

28 February 2018
The Principal
Govt PU College.
Vidyanagar, Dharwad.

Respected Sir,/Madam,

Sub: Issue of Duplicate ID card.

I, Neha student oft PU Science section. 1 lost my identity card along with my purse on the bus. My register No is AN 146. My residential address is # 22, Pt crosses Gandhinagar, I3angalore-04. I kindly request you to issue a duplicate Id card.

Thank you,

Yours sincerely
Neha Gupta.

KSEEB Solutions 1st PUC English Previous Year Question Paper March 2018 (North)

VII. A. Match the expressions under column ‘A’ to its corresponding language functions under B. (5 × 1 = 5)

Question 47.

A. Expressions B. Functions
1. You can use my bicycle (a) Introducing
2. Aunt, could you buy me a pen? (b) Permission
3. Hello, I am Tirumalesh from Tipatur (c) Greeting
4. May I help you? (d) Request
5. Good Evening, Sir (e) Offering help

(1)- b
(3)- a
(4) -e

B. Complete the dialogue: (1 × 4 = 4)

Question 48.
Rahul and his wife Latha plan to have a holiday. They discuss the options. Write a dialogue between them.
Rahul: Latha today my boss told me that I could take a vacation.
Latha: __________ (Congratulating)
Rahul: _______________ (Idea of going to some hotel)
Latha: ____________(giving a different suggestion)
Rahul: Let us not argue. We will have our food at home only.
Latha: _________Thank you.
Latha: Congratulations Rahul
Rahul; Let us to Taj Hotel and celebrate
Latha: No. let us go to Taj West End
Rahul: I agree, let us have food at home

KSEEB Solutions 1st PUC English Previous Year Question Paper March 2018 (North)

C. Dialogue Writing : (1 × 3 = 3)

Question 49.
Ravi buys a big gift from a gift center. He requests Raghu to help him to carry it towards the car. Write a dialogue between Ravi and Raghu.
Ravi: Hi! Raghu, How are you”?
Raghu: Hi! Ravi. I am fine thank you.
Ravi: What brings you here?
Raghu: I came here to buy a gift for my friend.
Ravi: Raghu, can you please help me to carry my gift to my car.
Raghu: Sure, I will help you.
Ravi: Thank you Raghu. I shall drop you home.
Raghu: Thank you, Ravi