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Karnataka State Syllabus Class 7 Social Science History Chapter 16 Women Freedom Fighters

Class 7 Social Science Women Freedom Fighters Textbook Questions and Answers

I. Fill in the blanks:

  1. _______ is celebrated in memory of Queen Abbakka in Ullal.
  2. Ballari Siddhamma was born in the year _______.
  3. In 1938, Yashodharamma participated in _______.
  4. ‘Swadeshi Vrath’ was written by _______.
  5. Yashodharamma was a minister of _______.


  1. Veerarani Abbakka Utsav
  2. 1903
  3. Shivapura Flag Sathyagraha
  4. Congress
  5. Umabai Kundapura

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II. Discuss in group and answer:

Question 1.
Describe Abbakkadevi’s fight against Portuguese in the protection of Ullal.

  • Abbakkadevi rejected the demands of Portuguese for taxes.
  • They declared war on her in 1555 and Abbakka won the battle.
  • In 1568, the Viceroy of Portuguese Antonio Norouha entered Ullal.
  • Abbakkadevi escaped from there and attacked on the Portuguese with a band of 200 soldiers.
  • General Peixoto died in this attack and many Portuguese soldiers were taken as prisoners.
  • In another battle a Portuguese Admiral, Mascaranhas was killed.
  • Rani Abbakka demanded the Portuguese to vacate the Mangaluru fort. But the Portuguese continued to attack Ullal as they were attracted by its wealth.

Question 2.
‘Multi – talented Kamaladevi chattopadhyaya is Karnataka’s pride’.
Kamaladevi Chattopadhyaya is multi – talented person from Karnataka who played an important role in national politics.

  • Influenced by Gandhiji and Sarojini Naidu, she participated in the national Non-operation movement.
  • She walked the streets of Allahabad by holding the Flag and revised slogans against the British Government.
  • She participated in the Salt Satyagraha.
  • She was not only a freedom fighter but also a social reformer, feminist, writer and film actor.

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Question 3.
List the achievements of Umabai Kundapura in the freedom struggle.

  • Umabai participated in the freedom struggle after 1921.
  • She was influenced by the nationalist idealogies of Gandhiji and Hardekar.
  • She wrote a drama in Marathi ‘ Swadeshi Vrath’ to carry the message of swadeshi and its importance.
  • She took over the responsibility of Saraswat Sahityik Samaj, Bagini Mandal and Tilak school of Bombay.
  • Apart from taking part in freedom struggle led by Tilak, also participated in the movements led by Gandhiji.
  • She assumed the leadership of women unit of Sevadal, which was started by N. S. Hardekar in 1923.
  • She played a pivotal role in National convention of congress at Belagavi of 1924.
  • She participated in the salt agitation and agitations that took place in Ankola, Sirsi, Siddapura and other places.
  • She became the guardian for many destitute women.
  • She undertook the responsibility of Kasturba foundation and continued her social work.

Class 7 Social Science Women Freedom Fighters Additional Questions and Answers

I. Match the following:

1. Abbakka a. London school of Economics
2. Ballari siddamma b. Shivapura Flag Satyagraha
3. Kamaladevi c. Women unit of sevadal
4. Yashodharamma d. Bhanga Region of Mangaluru
5. Umabai e. established Mathru Mandir


  1. d
  2. e
  3. a
  4. b
  5. c

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II. Answer the following questions in a sentence each:

Question 1.
To which dynasty did Rani Abbakkadevi belong ?
Rani Abbakkadevi belonged to the Chowta dynasty.

Question 2.
Who made Abbakkadevi the queen of Ullal?
Her uncle Thirumalaraya trained her in warfare and made her the queen of Ullal.

Question 3.
Who was the first woman to participate in hoisting the flag in the state of Mysuru ?
Ballari Siddamma was the first women to participate in hoisting the flag in the state of Mysuru.

Question 4.
Ballari Siddamma participated in which satyagraha of chitradurga in 1939 ?
She participated in the Aranya Sathygraha of Chitradurga in 1939.

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Question 5.
Why was Kamaladevi arrested by the British ?
The British arrested Kamaladevi for her sevadal activities.

Question 6.
In whose cabinet did Yashodharamma serve as a minister ?
Yashodharamma served as the minister of social welfare in the cabinet of S. Nijalingappa.

Question 7.
Who undertook the responsibility of Kasturba foundation ?
As per the suggestion from Gandhi, Umabai, Kundapura undertook the responsibility of Kasturba Foundation and continued her social work.

III. Answer the following questions briefly:

Question 1.
Who established Congress Socialist party ? .
Nehru, Ram Manohar Lohia, Acharya Narendradeva and others had established Congress Socialist party. Kamaladevi took the memebership of this inner group.

Question 2.
What are the achievements of Ballari Siddamma?

  • Ballari Siddamma participated in the convention of Congress party at Shivapura in 1938.
  • She was the first woman to participate in hoisting the flag in the state of Mysuru.
  • She participated in the Aranya Sathygraha of Chitrdurga in 1939.
  • She was imprisoned for cutting wild date trees in Mayakowda and Anagond forests of Davangere.
  • She also took part in the Quit India Movement.
  • She also took active part in ‘Mysuru chalo’ or ‘Aranmane Sathyagraha’.
  • She become the MLA of Davangere.
  • She established ‘Mathrumandir’ to protect the health of rural women.

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Question 3.
What are the achievements of Yasodharamma Dasappa ?

  • Yashodharamma remained in congress and participated in the Shivapura Flag Sathyagraha in 1938.
  • Her house was the base of underground activities for Quit India Movement.
  • She published articles on the movement in ‘Jwale’ newspaper that was printed secretly.
  • She was instrumental in organizing an agitation demanding the establishment of people’s government in Mysuru State.
  • Picketing and protest marches were held in front of Mysuru Palace.
  • She became the member of legislative assembly in the independent Mysuru state.
  • She also became the member of parliament.
  • She also served as the Minister of Social Welfare in the cabinet of S. Nijalingappa.

IV. Choose the correct option and fill in the blanks:

1. Rani Abbakka demanded the _______ to vacate the Mangaluru fort.
a) British
b) Portuguese
c) French
d) Dutch
b) Portuguese

2. _______ ‘s father used to bring newspapers and periodicals for her, which made her to develop national thoughts.
a) Abbakkadevi
b) Kamaladevi
c) Siddamma
d) Umabai
c) Siddamma

3. _______ established the ‘Mathrumandir’ to protect the health of rural women.
a) Siddamma
b) Sarojini Naidu
c) Meerabhai
d) Umabai
a) Siddamma

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4. Kamaiadevi and Avantibai Gokhale were the first women to participate in the _______.
a) Sevadal Camps
b) Aranya Sathyagraha
c) Mysuru Chalo
d) Salt agitation
d) Salt agitation

5. Kamaladevi was awarded the _______ in 1987.
a) Padma Bhushan
b) Ramon Magsasay
c) Padma Vibhushan
d) Vathmull Foundation Award
c) Padma Vibhushan