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Karnataka State Board Class 7 English Poem Chapter 2 Awareness

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Awareness Questions and Answers, Summary, Notes

Before you read

I. We celebrate World Water Day on 22nd March. In the same way what do we celebrate on these days?

  1. 4th Feb – World Cancer Day
  2. 22nd Apr – Earth Day
  3. 3rdDec – International Day of people with disability.

Question 1.
Why do we celebrate these days?
To eradicate cancer through out the world and to create awareness about cancer.

  • We celebrate world cancer Day on 4th Feb. of every year.
  • Earth Day is celebrate to protect our Earth.
  • International Day of people with Disability is an opportunity for the community to make ‘ positive changes in breaking down barriers, opening doors and realising inclusive society for all.

Question 2.
Is there any need for the celebration? Give two reasons to support your answer:
Yes, there is a need for celebrations.

  1. To create awareness among people.
  2. To bring more people to contribute to the causes.

II. Study the pictures given below and write two sentences about them in your notebook about global warming:

KSEEB Solutions for Class 7 English Poem Chapter 2 Awareness 1

Due to Global warming, the temperature of the Earth rises. One of the effects of Global warming is that food production fluctuates and the rains do not occur in time.

C1. Answer the following questions in one sentence each:

Question 1.
Name the things that are tossed on the grass.
Broken bottles, half burnt pieces of glass and bundles of newspapers are tossed on the grass.

Question 2.
What are sprayed on our food?
Poisons and insecticides are sprayed on our food.

Question 3.
What pollution is mentioned in the third stanza?
The industrial waste fumes, Airline emission, fuel smoke, nuclear weapons destruction, invisible rays, etc., are polluting the environment.

Question 4.
What risk are we taking by staying in such a world?
There will be an imbalance in the atmosphere. Cabondioxides concentration becomes more and results in global warming, It can lead to many natural calamities. The air the things breathe will be devoid of oxygen and can cause many lung-related diseases, water, air pollution can lead to many skins, diseases. On the whole, living things will suffer as air, water, food will be adulterated with toxic substances.

C2. Answer the following after discussing with your group/partner:

Question 1.
What damage to nature is discussed in the first stanza?
In the first stanza, the damage to nature is done by cutting out trees, constructing more concrete buildings, Broken bootless, charred pieces of glass, and wadded up newspapers are tossed and the gram on the which our surrounding is polluted and there are no trees to give us fresh oxygen.

Question 2.
How is our food contaminated?
The pesticides and insecticides that are sprayed on the crops will mix with our food grains. Oceans are filled with crude oils and sea-creatures (life) are contaminated. Thus the terrestrial and seafood get contaminated.

Question 3.
Describe the way the air is being polluted?
Nowadays the number of industries are more. These more manufacturing industries expel the smoke, Airlines emitting caustic gases from fuels, the destruction of nuclear weapons causes more air pollution. Cutting of trees also added up the air pollution. Air pollution is increased day by day.

Question 4.
In what way can we solve then? problems?

  1. By watering awareness among people the effects of this pollution.
  2. Dump the wastes in a proper place assigned for it.
  3. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle waste.
  4. Teach people how this waste? can be reduced.
  5. Use of biodegradable things like the paper of jute and cloth hags.
  6. Cultivate organic vegetables using organic pesticides.
  7. Save rainwater by rainwater harvesting.

C3. Answer the following after discussing in groups:

Question 1.
What message does the poem give?
We are living in a polluted environment. If we do not take any action, we may suffer in the future. We are the main cause to pollute the environment, So we should correct it. Everyone should be aware of this, without the environment man cannot live. So purifying the environment is our responsibility. Planting of more trees (plants), keeping our surroundings clean, and minimize the use of non-biodegradable substances like plastic, chemicals, glass, etc., To save ourselves, we should save the environment. The poem gives this message.

Question 2.
Write at least five environmental awareness statements displayed in public places.

  1. There is no life zone without ozone.
  2. Avoid Plastics, use biodegradable materials.
  3. Save Water.
  4. Don’t pollute water resources like Pond, Lake, river, sea, and oceans.
  5. Let’s make our world a greener place.

Learn more about the poem:

1. Read the following:

broken bottles, thick oil
Here, the expressions, ‘broken’ and ‘thick’ tell us about the existence of some qualities of bottles and oil respectively. There are a few more ‘ qualifying words ’ in the poem, pick them up, and write in the space provided.

  1. Charred pieces of glass.
  2. Wadded up Newspapers.
  3. Yellow fumes.
  4. Caustic gases.

Awareness Summary In English

Awareness Summary In English 1

“Awareness” is a poem written by Sylvia Stults. Here the poet warns us to be aware of the environment which we live in. We can see the broken bottles, half-burnt glasses, papers, and all kinds of waste here and there. The people throw unwanted solids carelessly and it causes environmental pollution. We live in a polluted environment. Our food is contaminated with poisonous insecticides and pesticides since it is sprayed on the crops.

Thick crude oil is mixed in the sea and oceans, cause great destruction to aquatic plants and animals. We consume (eat) this type of adulterated food. Industries throw out poisonous gases and pollute the air which we breathe. All people should be aware of pollution and take necessary action. Otherwise, the whole of mankind may be destroyed in the future years.

Awareness Summary In Kannada

Awareness Summary In Kannada 1
KSEEB Solutions for Class 7 English Poem Chapter 2 Awareness 2
Awareness Summary In Kannada 3
Awareness Summary In Kannada 4

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