Students can Download Chapter 1 Algebra Ex 1.1 Questions and Answers, Notes Pdf, KSEEB Solutions for Class 6 Maths helps you to revise the complete Karnataka State Board Syllabus and score more marks in your examinations.

Karnataka State Syllabus Class 6 Maths Chapter 1 Algebra Ex 1.1

Question 1.
Fill in the blanks:-
a. 1 lakh = 10 ten thousand
b. 1 million = 10 hundred thousand
c. 1 crore = 10 ten lakh
d. 1 crore = 10 million
e. 1 million = 10 lakh

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Question 2.
Place common correctly and write the numerals :
a. Seventy three lakh seventy five thousand three hundred seven.

b. Nine crore five lakh forty one.

c. Seven crore fifty two lakh twenty one thousand three hundred two.

d. Fifty eight million four hundred twenty three thousand two hundred two.

e . Twenty three lakh thirty thousand ten.

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Question 3.
Insert comas suitably and write the names according to indian system of numeration:
a. 87595762
Eight crore seventy five lakh ninty five thousand seven hundred sixty two.

b. 8546283
Eighty five lakh forty six thousand two hundred eighty three.

c. 99900046
Nine crore ninety nine lakh forty six.

d. 98432701
Nine crore eighty four lakh thirty two thousand seven hundred one

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Question 4.
Insert commas suitably and write the names according to international system of numeration:

a. 78921092
Seventy eight million nine hundred twenty one thousand ninety two

b. 7452283
Seven million four hundred fifty two thousand two hundred eighty three

c. 99985102
Ninety nine million nine hundred eighty five thousand one hundred two

d. 48049831
Forty eight million forty nine thousand eight hundred thirty one.