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Karnataka 2nd PUC English Workbook Answers Streams Tense

I. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate form of the verbs given in brackets.

1. One day a wolf 1 (be drink) at a stream. He 2 (see) a lamb who 3 (be) farther down. The wolf made up his mind to eat the lamb, but the 4 (think) that he 5 (will find) some excuse for doing so. He 6 (run) up to the lamb and said, “How dare you muddy the water that I 7 (be drink)”. The lamb replied, 7 8 (do not see) how that can be, since the water of the stream 9 (be run) from you to me and not from me to you.”
1. was drinking;
2. saw;
3. was;
4. thought;
5. would find;
6. ran;
7. am drinking;
8. don’t see;
9. is running.
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