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Karnataka 2nd PUC English Workbook Answers Streams Report Writing


1. The following bar chart represents the results of a survey based on information about how rural and urban women spend the hours of their day for some chosen activities on an average. Based on this information, write a report in about 150 words.
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Time spent on chosen activities by Rural and Urban Women

The bar graph indicates the time spent on activities like cooking, watching T.V., indulging in hobbies, rearing children, and reading, by rural and urban women. Surprisingly, in all the five areas, the urban women spend more time than the rural women. Perhaps the field work or other manual labor that the rural women take up, leaves them with little time for the chosen activities. On cooking, if the rural women spend less than one hour, the urban women spend nearly two hours. Similarly, if less than half an hour is spent on watching T.V. by the rural women, the time indicated against the urban women is nearly one and a half hours. If the rural women spend negligible time on their hobby, the urban women keep aside at least an hour for the same. The biggest gap is seen in the time taken on rearing children. If the rural women spend less than half an hour on rearing children, the urban women spend nearly two and a half hours on the same. The entry for reading is the lowest of all the activities for both rural and urban women. Understandably the urban women have a higher percentage in this area.

2. The pie chart given below represents the results of a survey conducted by a non – profit NGO to understand how a rural family spends its income on various items. Based on the information, write a report in about 200 words.
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Spending Pattern of Rural Families

The pie chart above throws light on the spending pattern of rural families. The chart indicates that a typical rural family spends the least, that is, 10% each of its income on savings and education. Entertainment and health consume 15 % each. Next stands repayment of loan at 20%. the highest percentage, that is 30%, is spent on food and clothing. It is clear from the chart that the people concerned need to be educated about profitable saving plans and for this their educational level should also improve. Thus, it is surmised that a campaign to improve the educational levels of the people of the rural areas might bring about progress.

3. The line graph given below shows population growth during pre-independence and post-independence period in India. Use the information to write a report on the trends of population growth.
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Comparative study of population growth in pre-independent and post-independent India Population growth has been a perpetual problem in India. A comparative study of the population growth in the pre – and post-independence India shows that population growth has been rapid in the post-independence era. In the pre-independence era, between 1901 and 1940, there was a growth of only 0.5 crore. The growth was from 1 crore to 1.5 crore. However, in the post-independence era, on an average, in every decade there has been an increase of one crore. From 1951 to 2010, the increase has been from about 2 to over 6 crores. No wonder, India is a billion strong country.

From the situation it is crystal clear that the government should think of stringent ways with which there can be an effective control over the population growth because for the economic growth of a country population explosion would pose serious threats.

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