Students can Download 2nd PUC English Previous Year Question Paper March 2017, Karnataka 2nd PUC English Model Question Papers with Answers helps you to revise the complete Karnataka State Board Syllabus and score more marks in your examinations.

Karnataka 2nd PUC English Previous Year Question Paper March 2017

Time: 3 Hrs. 15 Min.
Maximum Marks: 100


  • Follow the prescribed limit while answering the questions.
  • Write the correct question number as it appears on the question paper.
  • One mark questions attempted more than once will be awarded zero.
  • Answers to question numbers 24 (a – j)and 25 (i – iii) should be in sequence and at one place.
  • For multiple-choice questions choose the correct answer and rewrite it.

I. Answer the following in a word, a phrase or a sentence each. (12 × 1 = 12)

Question 1.
Where did the criminal go to fetch his dinner in ‘Too Dear’?

Question 2.
Whom does ‘living arrows’ refer to in the poem ‘On Children’?

Question 3.
What is ‘Chipko movement’, according to Vandana Shiva?

Question 4.
Name the villa Laura Llorente lived in.

Question 5.
How much of Tammanna’s land did Basavaiah forcibly acquire at first?

Question 6.
What would like to be a butterfly or an apple in the poem ‘To the Foot from its Child’?

Question 7.
Which was Borges’s first literary reading in an English version?

Question 8.
According to the poet Kuvempu, ‘heaven’ is _______
(a) within us
(b) on earth
(c) nowhere.

Question 9.
What is extremely expensive in Brazil?

Question 10.
What was Marcus Ibe in the outgoing Government in ‘The Voter?

Question 11.
Why did some women prefer ‘gents’ cycle?

Question 12.
Water can also sit innocently in a _______ (Fill in the blank)

II. Answer any eight of the following (choosing at least two from poetry) in a paragraph of 80-100 words each. (8 × 4 = 32)

Question 13.
Why did the criminal refuse to escape from the prison in ‘Too Dear?

Question 14.
How is the parent and children relationship brought out in Kahlil Gibran’s poem ‘On Children?

Question 15.
Write a note on Vandana Shiva’s involvement in ‘Chipko movement’.

Question 16.
How effectively does Gonzalo narrate the story of his cousin’s love for Laura’s friend?

Question 17.
How did the owner’s lifestyle change after the arrival of the old man in ‘The Gardener?

Question 18.
Discuss Borges’s views on poetry and poem.

Question 19.
How does the speaker distinguish his love from that of others in the poem ‘When you are old?

Question 20.
What are the views of George Mikes about Japanese ‘mannerism of bowing?

Question 21.
Comment on how cycling reduced women’s dependence on men with reference to ‘Where There is A Wheel’.

Question 22.
How is the destructive nature of water brought out in the poem ‘Water?

III. Answer the following questions in about 200 words. (1 × 6 = 6)

Question 23.
Whose love, do you think, is more passionate and intense in ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Explain.
‘Roof is an intelligent manipulator’. Justify with reference to the story ‘The Voter’.
‘The conservation of biodiversity is the answer to the food and nutrition crisis’. Discuss.

IV. Read the following passage and answer the questions set on it. (10 × 1 = 10)

Arunima Sinha is the first female amputee to climb Mount Everest. She also owns the credit of the first Indian amputee to conquer the heights of Mount Everest.

Arunima was born in 1988 in Ambedkar Nagar of Uttar Pradesh. She has been a national volleyball and football player. In April 2011, she boarded the train Padmavathi Express at Lucknow for Delhi to take an examination to join the CISF. To snatch her bag and gold chain, she was pushed out of the general compartment by thieves. Unfortunately, she fell on the parallel track and before she could get up, another train crushed her leg below the knee. She was rushed to the hospital with serious leg and pelvic injuries. To save her life doctors had to amputate the crushed leg.

After this accident, she was given compensation of mere 25,000 rupees by the Indian Sports Ministry, which caused national outrage. After this country-wide protest, she received the US $ 3,100 in compensation and a job offer from Indian Railways. She also got a recommendation for a job in the CISF after she had qualified as a Head Constable in 2012 in the CISF examination.

While her treatment was going on at All India Institute of Medical Sciences, she was inspired by cricketer Yuvaraj Singh who had successfully battled cancer. She also thought of doing something in life and her strong mind determined to conquer the peak of Mount Everest. So, she contacted Bachendri Pal, the first Indian woman to climb Mount Everest in 2011, and joined her training programme. Sinha climbed Island peak of 6150 metres in 2012 as preparation for her ascent of Everest. On 1 April 2013 Sinha and Susan Mahto, a TSAF instructor, climbed Mount Everest under the instruction of Bachendri Pal and reached the summit of Everest at 10:52 a.m. on 21 May 2013.

She took 52 days to reach the summit. She received 25 lakh rupees from the Chief Minister of UP at a function organised at 5, Kalidas Marg residence in Lucknow. Now she has dedicated her life to social service and welfare programmes. She wanted to open a free sports academy for the poor and disabled persons.

Question 24.
Answer the following in a word, a phrase or a sentence each:
(a) Where was Arunima Sinha born?
(b) Name the train Arunima boarded ________
(c) How much compensation was given by the Indian Sports Ministry?
(d) Arunima was inspired by _______
(i) Bachendri Pal
(ii) Yuvaraj Singh
(iii) Susan Mahto.
(e) Whom did she contact to climb Mount Everest?
(f) When did they reach the summit of Mt. Everest?
(g) How many days did they take to reach the summit of Mt. Everest?
(h) Where was the function organised to honour her?
(i) What did she want to do for the poor and disabled?
(j) Give a suitable title for the above passage ________
(a) Ambedkar Nagar of Uttar Pradesh.
(b) Padmavathi Express.
(c) Rs. 25,000,
(d) ii) Yuvaraj Singh.
(e) Bachendri Pal.
(f) At 10:52 a.m./21 May 2013.
(g) 52 days.
(h) 5, Kalidas Marg residence in Lucknow.
(i) to open a free sports academy.
(j) Physical disability is no barrier to success.

Question 25.
Read the following lines and answer the questions. (3 × 1 = 3)

That murmur, soon replies: “God doth not need
Either man’s work or his own gifts”: who best
Bear his mild yoke, they serve him best.
(a) What does God not need?
(b) ‘Bear his mild yoke’. ‘His’ refers to _____
(c) How do they serve God?
(a) Either man’s work or his own gifts.
(b) God.
(c) By bearing his mild yoke.

V. Complete the following by filling in the blanks using the right form of the verb given in brackets. (3 × 1 = 3)

Question 26.
The gaming houses _______ (keep) by German Sovereigns, because the source of revenue ________ (collect) from them. But a few years ago they ________ (forbid) to do so.
were kept, was collected, were forbidden.

Question 27.
Report the following conversation: (5 × 1 = 5)
Laura: Will you go to your bench tomorrow?
Gonzalo: No, 1 will come here.
Laura: What will you bring for the birds?
Gonzalo: I will bring some crumbs for the birds.
Laura asked Gonzalo if/whether he would go to his bench the next day. Gonzalo replied in the negative and said that he would come there. Laura asked Gonzalo what he would bring for the birds. Gonzalo replied that he would bring some crumbs for the birds.

Question 28.
Complete the following dialogue: (4 × 1 = 4)
(Conversation between seller and customer)
Baskar: Good morning, Sir. ______ (introducing) in an organic products company.
Vishal: ______ (reply greetings). ______ (offering help).
Baskar: I have brought some products of daily use. Could you please buy them?
Vishal: ____ (agree) if they are available at a reasonable price.
Baskar: Sure Sir, I will reduce the price. ______ (expresses gratitude)
Baskar: Good morning, Sir. I am Baskar. working in an organic products company.
Vishal: Good morning. What can I do for you? How can I help you?
Baskar: I have brought some products of daily use. Could you please buy them?
Vishal: Yes, I will buy, if they are available at a reasonable price.
Baskar: Sure Sir, I will reduce the price. Thank you.

Question 29.
Fill in the blanks by choosing the appropriate expressions given in brackets: (2 × 1 = 2)
(Putin, cuts down, swept across)
Cycling has ______ Pudukottai district In this district all rural women use cycles because of it _____ on time wasted in waiting for buses.
swept across, cuts down.

Question 30.
Fill in the blanks with the right linkers: (4 × 1 = 4)
(However, at first, also, then)
________ Tammanna bought four more acres adjacent to his land. Basavaiah ______ followed suit.
If one had ten friends ______ the other acquired fifteen admirers. All this looked like healthy competition. ______ this competition turned to rivalry.
At first, also, then, However.

VI. Read the following passage and make notes by drawing and filling in the boxes given below: (8 × 1/2 = 4)

Question 31.
Vertebrate animals can be either warm-blooded or cold-blooded. A cold-blooded animal cannot maintain constant body temperature. The temperature of its body is determined by the outside surroundings. Cold-blooded animals are alst> called ‘ectothermic’, which means outside heat. They are reptiles, amphibians and fishes. Warm-blooded animals are able to regulate their internal temperature. They have fur and feather to keep them warm. They are also called ‘endothermic’ meaning heat inside. They are birds and mammals.
2nd PUC English Previous Year Question Paper March 2017 image - 1

Question 32.
Write a letter of application in response to the following advertisement, which appeared in ‘The Indian Express’ dated March 10th 2017. (Write XXX for name arid YYY for address.) [5]

Renuka Devi Institute requires Hostel Wardens.
Qualification: B.A. / B.Com. / B.Sc.
Experience: Minimum two years, excellent communication skills
Apply within 20 days.

To: The Secretary
Renuka Devi Institute
6th Main, 4th Block
Malleshwara Nagar

Question 33.
Imagine you are the College Union President. You are given the responsibility of introducing the guest on the college day. Use the following information. [5]
Name Dr.Jnana V.V.
Educational Qualification: M.Sc., PhD.
Profile: Scientist in Astrophysics, started a career as a lecturer.
Interests: Public awareness programmes on Science.
Based on the information, write a speech in about 100 words to introduce the guest at the function.
Write a report on how students acquire knowledge to get success in their exams between the age group of 15 to 20 years, based on the information given below in the pie chart.
2nd PUC English Previous Year Question Paper March 2017 image - 2

VII. What do the underlined words in the following extract refer to? (4 × 1 = 4)

Arunima Sinha was inspired by cricketer Yuvaraj Singh who had successfully battled cancer. She also thought of doing something in life and her strong mind determined to conquer the peaks of Mount Everest. It was climbed by Bachendri Pal at first in 2011.
i. Who: _______
ii. She: ______
iii. Her: _____
iv. It: _______
i. Yuvaraj Singh
ii. Arunima Sinha
iii. Arunima Sinha’s
iv. Mount Everest.

Question 35.
Rewrite the jumbled segments to form a meaningful sentence. (1 × 1 = 1)
is / our imagination / an extension / only the book / of / and memory.
Only the book is an extension of our imagination and memory.