Karnataka 1st PUC English Workbook Answers Articulation Interpretation of Advertisements and Schedules

(i) Refer to the following advertisements and answer the questions that follow.

Samsuna Galaxv Grand Duos Reviews 21500.00 Rs. Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos introducing a perfect smartphone for users with fast mobile lifesty les. Samsung GALAXY Grand Duos runs Mechanical Man Four 1.2 (Jelly Bean), Googles latest software system …. NOKIA ASHA 305 4625.00 Rs.

It is a high end dual Sim, touch screen feature phone, has a 3.0 TFT resistive touch screen, with dimensions of 110.3 x 53.8 x 12.8 mm and 98 g.

Karbonn K1818 Twister 3490.00 Rs.

It is the new dual Sim GSM Mobile, has a 3.2 inch Touch  screen display, 3.2 Megapixel camera, Video/Audio player, FM radio with recording. Internal memory and up to 8GB external memory.

Black Berry 5 OS 2 MP Primary Camera 2G and 3G Network support Rs. 7499.00 2 46-inch TFT LCD Screen QWERTY Keypad Wi-Fi Enabled Expandable storage capacity of 32 GB

1. Name the lowest priced cell phone among the above advertisements.
2. The price of Blackberry 5 is lesser than ……………..
3. Which is the Wi-Fi enabled smart phone?
4. Of the two dual sim smart phones, which one has the high end dual Sim?
5. Which phone has an internal memory of 16GB?
6. The mobile that has the biggest touch screen is …………….
7. What is Google’s latest software system?
1. KarbonnK1818 Twister
2. Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos.
3. Blackberry 5
5. Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos
6. Karbonn K1818 Twister
7. Android from google.

ii. Read the following brochures of various tour packages and answer the questions that follow:”

Pilgrimage Package (2),800/-
(Non A/C Bus)
Category – Pilgrimage I
Visiting places – Tirupathi I Tariff
Rs 800 I Tariff per – Per Person
TiruDathi Package@,800/-NON
A/C Bus) Dav 1 : Dep. 8.45 D.m…
Kerala Holidav Packages Call Mr.Dinesh: 9844080833 Category – Wildlife I Visiting places – Kerala I Tariff per – Per Person Rs. 3200
Leading Tour Operators to …
Shimla Manali Tour Duration: 05 Nights / 06 Days Destinations : Chandigarh, Manali- Shimla

Below Mentioned Car Prices Keep Changing. For best Deals send Us Your Query!

Prices are on Per Car / Family for above Package. Tour will be as Below: Day 01 : Delhi – Chandigarh….

Gokarna tour package from Bangalore (a), DKTravel Solutions

DK Travel Solutions Begur road Bangalore – 560068 Mob: 91-9343345010 / 9986761725

1. ………… is the contact number to get the details of Kerala Wildlife tour.
2. At what time does the bus leave for Tirupati on day 1?
3. Excluding the night stay, how many days is the Shimla Manali tour package?
4. Name the travel agency that offers Gokama tour from Bangalore?
5. ………… is the website to browse the details of the Kerala Holiday Package.
6. The tariff for a family of four to Tirupathi is
1. 9844080833
2. 8.45 p.m.
3. 6 days
4. DK Travel Solutions
5. www.kerala-hohdaypackage.com
6. Rs. 3200/-

iii. Read the following list of events at the 25th Karnataka Science Congress Annual Convention to be held at I. I. Sc. Bangalore, on the 28th and 29th of January 2014 and answer the questions that follow.

Sessions Date Time
Inauguration 28-01-2014 10 to 11 am.
Presentation of scientific papers 28-01-2014 11 am to 12pm
Children’s Science Congress 29-01-2014 10 am to 12:30 pm
Women and Science 29-01-2014 2:30pmto4pm
Cultural Programmes 29-01-2014 4 pm onwards on both the days

1. Mention the venue of the programme.
2. What is the duration of the inauguration.
3. Which programme is scheduled between 2.30 pm and 4 pm on the 29th?
4. What time do the cultural programmes begin on 29.01.2014.
1. The venue of the programme is at I.I. Sc, Bangalore.
2. The duration of the inauguration is one hour between 10 and 11 am on 28-01-2014.
3. Women and Science programme is scheduled between 2.30 pm and 4 pm on the 29th
4. The cultural programmes are scheduled to begin at 4 p.m.

1st PUC English Textbook Answers 

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