Karnataka 1st PUC English Workbook Answers Articulation E-mail Writing

E-mail, as all of us know, is an electronic mailing service. It is an effective tool to communicate at a great speed across the globe. You can send a lot of data/information. You can attach files of different types: text, graphics, audio and video. Voice mail helps you listen to your message as well.

E-mail Etiquette:
E-mail etiquette refers to a set of guidelines (dos and don’ts) to help you use e-mail’ effectively. As with all written communication, your emails should be clear, correct, concise and courteous.

1st PUC English Workbook Answers Articulation E-mail Writing

Here are some essential guidelines:
– Write the subject clearly.
– Write the subject line in such a way that it

  • tells the reader or receiver what the e-mail is exactly about.
  • offers a short summary of the email.
  • uses limited number of words,

– Use capitals and punctuation marks in the same way that you would in an other document.
– Do not use capital letters entirely. It may seem rude.
– Do not violate the rules of English grammar and usage. If you do so you and be making it difficult for the reader to read.
– The body of the e-mail must be brief (preferably one page or the length of your computer! screen before scrolling) so that readers do not have to scroll.

1st PUC English Workbook Answers Articulation E-mail Writing

Here is an example of an e – mail
1st PUC English Workbook Answers Articulation E-mail Writing


Question 1.
Write an e-mail to your friend telling him/her about your new College.

To : ram96@gmail.com
Subject: About my new College
Dear Ram a
Hi, How are you? I hope you have also got admitted to a good College like I have! I am very happy about my new College. I got admitted to Vijay College of Commerce and Science in Jayanagar and it is very? near to my house. It takes only 10 minutes to reach the College. The first day of College was excellent. All of us were in colourful clothes and everyone was eager to make new friends. Our teachers are very smart and friendly. I like very much their attitude and friendly nature. They are slowly beginning to teach the lessons. I love going to College. Do write soon about your College and friends. I will be waiting to hear that!
Bye ! Take care.

1st PUC English Workbook Answers Articulation E-mail Writing

Question 2.
Write an e-mail addressing the Manager of Ariel Tours and Travels, Bengaluru ask¬ing him/her about the latest travel packages to coastal Karnataka. Ask about
# package cost
# no. of places included in the package
# duration

To: m_vinuth@gmail.com
Subject: Enquiry about travel package to coastal Karnataka
Dear Sir,
I am planning a trip to coastal Karnataka in the second week of September. Hence I request you to provide me information about your travel packages and the cost after any discounts that you would be kind enough to give us. How many places will be covered and where we would be lodged at each place? What will be the total duration and will there be any other charges to pay? Please reply early so that I can finalise my plans.

1st PUC English Workbook Answers Articulation E-mail Writing

Question 3.
Compose an e-mail addressing your Principal providing your bio- data for contesting for the Student of the Year Award.

To : Vijaya_prince@yahoo.co.in
Sub ject: Providing my bio-data for student of the year award contest
Dear Sir
I am S. Shankar studying in II PUC A section and I am the CR for my class. I am very happy to say that I would like to contest for the student of the year award. I hereby send my bio -data for the same. Please accept my request and permit me to be a part of the contest. Looking forward for your permission.
Your obedient student
Shankar. S

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