Students can Download 1st PUC English Previous Year Question Paper March 2020 (South), Karnataka 1st PUC English Model Question Papers with Answers help you to revise complete Syllabus.

Karnataka 1st PUC English Previous Year Question Paper March 2020 (South)

Time: 3 Hrs. 15 Mins.
Max. Marks: 100


  • Follow the prescribed limit while answering the questions.
  • Write the correct question number as it appears on the question paper.
  • One mark question attempted more than once will be awarded zero.
  • For multiple-choice questions choose the correct answer and rewrite it.

I. Answer the following in a word, a phrase, or a sentence each. (12 × 1 = 12)

Question 1.
Name the chairman of the Commission of Enquiry in the ‘The Gentlemen of the Jungle.
The Chairman – The Rt. Hon Mr. Fox.
The Secretary – Mr. Leopard.

Question 2.
Which bird sings with the speaker on a summer morning in ‘The School Boy’?

Question 3.
The Englishman offered Mara in ‘Around a Medicinal Creeper’.
(a) his life
(b) his house
(c) his entire plantation
(c) his entire plantation.

Question 4.
What was highly valued by the people in ‘Oru Manushyan’?

Question 5.
How old was Babar Ali when he started his school ‘Anand Shiksha Niketan’?
At the age of nine.

Question 6.
Who would riot run away shouting for a bath in ‘If I was a Tree’?
The mother earth.

KSEEB Solutions 1st PUC English Previous Year Question Paper March 2020 (South)

Question 7.
Name the river mentioned in ‘Watchman of the Lake’.
The river Veda.

Question 8.
What kind of crop did the farmer grow in ‘The Farmer’s Wife’?
Thc farmers grew cotton crop.

Question 9.
Who was the father of Frederick Douglass?
Mr. Anthony.

Question 10.
What are the old woman’s eyes compared to in ‘An Old Woman’?
bullet holes

Question 11.
Where did the Narrator first meet Nicola and Jacopo in ‘Two Gentlemen of Verona’.
On the outskirts of Verona.

KSEEB Solutions 1st PUC English Previous Year Question Paper March 2020 (South)

Question 12.
What did the beauty of the beloved give spring in the poem ‘Do not ask of Me My Love’?
Everlasting youth.

II. Answer any eight of the following in a paragraph of 50-70 words each : (8 × 4 = 32)

Question 13.
Why was the Commission of Enquiry appointed by the king of the jungle? Explain.
The Commission of inquiry was appointed to look into the dispute that arose between the man and the elephant and to give judgment accordingly. TheKing of the jungle also assured the man of impartial judgment and appreciated him for making friendship with the jungle animals.

Question 14.
Describe how the School becomes a cage for ‘The School Boy’?
The poet William Blake relevantly argues on the education of the children. He says that the boy is cry happy being with nature and he learns freely in nature as he loves to rise happily in the seminar morning. But when he thinks of school, his happiness disappears and he feels the school is a prison. The boy does not think freely in school. The poet excellently says that the boy sits in the school in fear and anxiety and he questions how he can learn the subjects. When the child loses his happiness he doesn’t show interest in learning and it becomes a major obstacle for his mental and physical growth.

The poet emphasizes nature. He says, the boy gets happiness in the singing of a bird and watching the huntsman. Nature is a sweet company to him. But when the boy enters formal schooling, he spends the time in irritation and anxiety. The poet stresses on free-learning and informal schooling, that is learning in nature. That helps to widen his mental horizon and physical growth The poet is not arguing against education but discourages formal schooling and encourages informal learning. He gives valuable advice to the parents to give a lot of sweet memories of learning in childhood so that the child gets àll round development and ensures the future of the nation.

Totally; the poem is an excellent attempt to bring out the torture felt by the children at formal schooling. The poem gives the message to discourage formal schooling and encourage free learning for children.

Question 15.
How did the Malayali Sadhu cure Krishna of the piles and boils on his body?
Krishna was suffering from piles and met the narrator to get some help. But the narrator only helped him with some money which was not enough for the treatment. But Krishna knew a Malayali Sadhu. This godman had treated Krishna on an earlier occasion when Krishna had started dëveloping boils all over his body. The godman had cured him with the barks of a tree.

Krishna went in search of the godman. but he was too old and could not search for the medicinal creepers. He described the features of the plant to Krishna. Krishna went in search of the leaves and on the way he met the narrator and described the leaves. The narrator understood that those were the leaves that Mara and Appanna had tied to the nearest tree. The narrator took him to the plant and dug quite a bit to get the tuber. Krishna ground this root with milk and drank it. In this way, he was cured of piles within five days.

KSEEB Solutions 1st PUC English Previous Year Question Paper March 2020 (South)

Question 16.
Write about the people and the place where the incident took place in ‘Oru Manushyan’.
The incident took place in quite a big city in the valley of a mountain, some thousand five hundred miles away from the narrator’s home. The inhabitants of the city laid never been known for the quality of mercy. People there were cruel and murder, robbers; and pickpocketing were their daily habits. Traditional Lv, they were professional soldiers. Some of them lent Out money on interest, some were watchmen in banks. mills and in industries. They would do anything for money, even commit murder.

Question 17.
How does the poet bring out the caste discrimination in our society in the poem ‘If I was a Tree’?
In nature, life-giving forces like sunlight and air do not discriminate against anybody. The sunlight bathes everybody and everything with its glow without exception. It embraces everything with equal love and never feels defiled by the shadow of an untouchable. The cool breeze embraces everybody with its sweet touch. Its friendship is extended to one and all. it blows lovingly on the leaves of trees spreading its sweetness and the leaves reciprocate with their dance. in nature, there is on1 love and equality among all.

Question 18.
Give an account of the circumstances that prompted Mara to meet the king on a stormy night.
Mara revealed the King of the appearance of Goddess once again in his dreams in an angry mood. She had threatened that river Veda would overflow and destroy the villages. Mara’s pleading to spare them was of no avail. As she did not relent, Mara asked her permission to go and inform the King and to wait for his return, which she agreed to. Mara told the King to kill him so that he could not return and the Goddess will have to wait for his return and the villages will be saved.

Question 19.
How is the plight of the farmer’s wife depicted in the poem ‘The Farmer’s Wife’?
The poem “The Farmer ‘s Wife” is a tragic poem that reflects the helpless conditions of farmers’ widows. The plight of the widows is explained by one such widow. The poet uses man phrases to contrast her condition with that of her dead husband. She called the farmer as virtuous’ and herself a ‘poor sinner’. The farmer was unable to pay the debts and he left all the debts to him so she was very sad about us act of committing suicide. The feminist concept was also highlighted in the poem, the phrase “I was born with a head bent” justifies the discrimination in our society between men and women. Man is born with his head held high, but a woman is born with her head bent. But he did not face his creditors bravely and left all this to his wife to solve.

She accused her husband that he poisoned himself and gone away by poisoning his wife’s existence. She remembered the memories of his beating, blaming, drinking, and kicking haunting her. She never dreamt that he would commit suicide. It was true that the crop was gone but the debt remained there and dignity had hit the dust. She expresses her helplessness that how would she be able to bear the burden of their four children. She compared her condition with “worm-eaten cotton pods. ‘ She got ambiguity and asked what was that and why he committed suicide.

At last, she confidently asserts her determination to struggle out her life even without her husband for the sake of her children. So, she shows a strong will to survive against all difficulties. Her voice is raised against society in general.

Question 20.
What details of suffering does Douglass give about his mother in ‘Frederick Douglass’?
Frederick Douglass was separated from his mother before he was twelve months old. He had spent very little time with her and that too only during a few night times. They lost her at the age of seven and never enjoyed any care and communication during those years. So, he was not affected by her death. He was also not allowed to visit her during her illness, death, or burial.

KSEEB Solutions 1st PUC English Previous Year Question Paper March 2020 (South)

Question 21.
How does the speaker’s attitude undergo a change in the poem ‘An Old Woman’?
The poet by depicting her physical appearance makes ‘An Old Woman’ more sympathetic. The passer-by initially did not show much sympathy to her but later when he observes keenly her physical appearance and when she offered to become a tourist guide tò sho around the shrine, he was very much moved by her condition and admired her self respect. here, passerby represents anybody in general. Finally when he feels as if the sky was falling with the sound of plate glass clatter all around the old crone who was shatterproof and standing alone. he undergoes a change in attitude. So. the old woman was successful in evoking sympathy from anyone. in front of the temple.

Question 22.
What story does the narrator hear from the nurse about the boys in ‘Two Gentleman of Verona’?

III. Answer one of the following in about 200 words. (1 × 6 = 6)

Question 23.
“We must regain our sanity about money Before we start killing one another about it” Justify this statement with reference to the poem ‘Money Madness’.
When all the people go behind mons noise becomes the most significant thing in society. So man automatically tries to accumulate money to lead his life happily. This money madness spreads widely among all the people in society. Money leads the society and gets respect and power and rules the society. So, man to get all these. accumulates money. And those who have all these, get respect in society. So, man measures the value of others in terms of money.
“Nature is both protective and destructive.” How does the play ‘Watchman of the Lake’ bring out this idea?
Basically, nature is goodness personified. It showers its blessings on people in abundance. People must respect what nature provides them and reciprocate by not destroying nature. When people take care of the nature and environment, it protects them. Rivers, trees, hills are all part of nature and they are all for the benefit of mankind. When a man cuts down the trees, blasts the hills, etc., nature’s imbalance causes floods, landslides, and other calamities. Water flows in a river, and if used itself serves for drinking, irrigation, and other uses. In the dry season, there may not be enough water, so excess water coming in torrents during the monsoon should be stored by constructing tanks for the waters of the rivers. When the rivers are dyer polluted, it results in overflow and floods causing loss of livers, lands, and properties. Nature that way is both productive and destructive.
How is Babar Ali an ideal role model to other students? Explain.
The initiation is a definite success. Babar Au’s intention when he started his school was to help the less fortunate people by providing free education Today, more and more underprivileged people have utilized this opportunity of his and arc coining up in society. Moreover, we can clearly see that Babar Au’s action has inspired millions of people around the world. If more people take part to change the world for the better. there will be a greater success than he would have wished for Babar Ah has brought about the change he wanted to see in his surroundings. If a young boy from a village had the will and determination to make a change in the world out there. it is not right on our own part to remain as mute spectators but we must also actively participate towards bringing the change.

IV. Read the following passage and answer the questions set on it. (10 × 1 = 10)

Soybean belongs to the Legume family. The beans are the seeds of the leguminous soybean plant. They can be grown in a wide variety of soils and a wide range of climates. Soybeans are versatile as they can be used as whole beans, soy, sprouts, or processed as a variety of food items, such as soy milk, tofu, textured vegetable protein, soy sauce, oil, and margarine, and soy dairy alternatives. They are also used for making candles and biodiesel.

Soy is excellent protein-rich food. It is low in saturated fats and cholesterol-free. Vitamin B is plentiful in it. The minerals like magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium, and copper are found in abundance in Soy. It is also rich in fiber. Soy is highly recommended because of its ability to lower the levels of Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL), the bad cholesterol. The food and drug administration has confirmed that foods containing soy protein are likely to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. An easy way to take soy is to dink it in the form of soya milk. It is not available with added flavors. Soya milk does not contain lactose (Milk sugar) and can be drunk by those who are allergic to normal milk. To get soya milk, soybeans are soaked in water, ground, and then strained.

Question 24.
Which family do soybeans belong to?
Legume family.

Question 25.
Where are soybeans grown?
In a wide variety of soils and a wide range of climates.

KSEEB Solutions 1st PUC English Previous Year Question Paper March 2020 (South)

Question 26.
Mention one of the food items prepared using soybeans.
Soy milk, tofu, oil, etc.

Question 27.
What are the other uses of soy? ‘
Soy is used to make candles and biodiesel.

Question 28.
Name the bad cholesterol mentioned in the passage.
Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL).

Question 29.
What has the food and drug administration confirmed about soy protein?
Foods containing soy protein are likely to reduce the milk of coronary heart disease.

Question 30.
In recent times soy has been highly recommended because it
(a) is rich in vitamin B.
(b) Can lower the levels of Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL).
(c) has high-quality protein
(b) Can lower the levels of Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL).

Question 31.
Why can soya milk be drunk by those who are allergic to normal milk?
Because Soya milk does not contain Lactose (Milk sugar).

KSEEB Solutions 1st PUC English Previous Year Question Paper March 2020 (South)

Question 32.
Add a prefix to the word ‘saturated’ to form its antonym.

Question 33.
The ________(versatile) of soybean is proved by its use as whole beans, sprouts, and a variety of processed food items.
(Fill in the blank using the appropriate form of the word given in the bracket)

V. A. Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles and prepositions given in brackets. (1 × 4 = 4)

Question 34.
Mara decided to brush his teeth and wash his face____ trekking back home. When he broke _____ small stick from a nearby plant to brush, he felt a sour taste in ________ mouth. He thought that there was something wrong ______the stick and threw it.
before, a the, with.

B. Fill in the blanks with the suitable form of the verbs given in brackets. (1 × 4 = 4)

Question 35.
I ______ (enter) a crowded restaurant. I ________(eat) a full meal consisting of chapathis and meat curry. I ______(drink) tea as well. The bill _____(come) to eleven annas.
entered, ate, drank, came.

C. Choose the correct form of the verb that agrees with the subject. (1 × 3 = 3)

Question 36.
I ______(have/has) only rags to wear and I ______ (is/am) Mara the lunatic. How can I ______ (followers/follow) your majesty to the palace?
have, am, follow.

KSEEB Solutions 1st PUC English Previous Year Question Paper March 2020 (South)

D. Correct the following sentences and rewrite them. (2 × 1 = 2)

Question 37.
Always children like to play.
Always children like playing.

Question 38.
My friend did not came to college yesterday.
My friend did not come to college yesterday.

E. Rewrite as directed. (6 × 1 = 6)

Question 39.
The lion wanted (piece/peace) and tranquility in his kingdom. [Fill in the black with the appropriate word given in bracket]

Question 40.
The narrator respected the _______ (serious) with which the two boys did their work. (Complete the sentence with the right form of the word given in brackets)

Question 41.
four / had / farmer couple / the / children. (Rearrange the segments to form meaningful sentences)
The farmer couple had four children.

Question 42.
Babar Ali lived with his parents. (Change into question beginning with the right form of ‘Do’)
Did Babar Ali live with his parents?

KSEEB Solutions 1st PUC English Previous Year Question Paper March 2020 (South)

Question 43.
My father was a white man (Add a suitable question tag)
wasn’t he?

Question 44.
The old man wanted a fifty paise coin. (Frame a question so as to get the underlined word as answer)
What did the old man want?

VI. A. Read the KSRTC schedule and answer the question. (4 × 1 = 4)

Question 45.
1st PUC English Previous Year Question Paper March 2020 (South) 1
(a) When does Rajahamsa leave from Mysore?
14:00 hours.

(b) Which bus departs to Shivamogga at 17:00 hrs?

(c) When does the super Deluxe arrive at Mysore?
9:30 hours.

(d) Which bus arrives at Mysore at 8:00 hrs?

B. Write a letter to the Commissioner, City Corporation, Mysore, complaining about irregular water supply and inconvenience caused to the people. (1 × 5 = 5)

Question 46.
Your letter should also include the following points.
a. Supply of water at odd hours.
b. Areas affected.
12 Main, 3rd Cross
Srinagar, Shimoga

20 June 2014

The Commissioner
City Corporation

I am Rajesh residing at Srinagar, Shimoga. There are about 700 families living in this area and these inclüdc 1000 children also, and we suffer terribly due to irregular water supply which is one of our basic needs. A large number of families are affected and the public faces a lot of inconveniences. So, I request you to kindly rectify the problem and take necessary remedial measures as quickly as possible to help us.

Thank you

Yours faithfully

KSEEB Solutions 1st PUC English Previous Year Question Paper March 2020 (South)

VII. A. Match the expressions under column ‘A’ to its corresponding language functions under B. (5 × 1 = 5)

Question 47.

A. Expressions B. Functions
1. Excuse me (a) Expressing gratitude
2. I am grateful to you (b) Starting a conversation with a stranger
3. I beg your pardon (c) Seeking permission
4. How sad! (d) Apologising
5. May I come in (e) expressing sympathy


B. Complete the dialogue: (1 × 4 = 4)

Question 48.
Rohith comes to the class late. The teacher enquires him
Teacher: _________ Rohith?
Rohith: ________ Sir, I __________ The bus
Teacher: It’s O.K. Don’t do it again
Rohith: __________________
Teacher: Why are you late. Rohith?
Rohith: Sorry Sir, I missed the bus.
Teacher: It’s O.K. Don’t do it again.
Rohith: OK. Thank you, sir.

KSEEB Solutions 1st PUC English Previous Year Question Paper March 2020 (South)

C. Dialogue Writing : (1 × 3 = 3)

Question 49.
Sudeep has secured a good rank in the 10th standard exam. Darshan, his friend, meets him and congratulates him. Write a dialogue between the two.
Darshan: Hi Sudeep! How are you?
Sudeep: Hello Darshan! I am fine, thank you.
Darshan: Congratulation for securing rank in the 10th exam.
Sudeep: Thank you;
Darshan: OK, see you bye.
Sudeep: Bye.