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Karnataka 1st PUC English Grammar Notes Homophones

1. The Elephant said that he would _________ (written / return) his kindness.
2. The lion wanted _________ (piece / peace) and tranquility In his kingdom.
3. The man was given a _________ (site / sight) to build a new hut.
4. The medicinal creeper has small _________ (leaves / lives) resembling betel leaves.
5. The narrator asked Mara how he had come to _________ (loose / lose) his teeth on one side.
6. The swelling on the bone of my _________ (heel / heal) disappeared soon after.
7. I ate a _________ (piece / peace) of root.
8. Learning to _________ (write / right) an address in English was considered great education.
9. The narrator found that he had lost his _________ (wallet / valet) In the restaurant.
10. Babar Ah was an _________ (ideal / idle) student ¡n his school.
11. Babar Ah must be commended for the audacity ________ (of / off) hoping.
12. Maca was locked in a _________ (seller / cellar) behind the old temple.
13. Bhima can swing an elephant by Its _________ (tale / tail).
14. I often _________ (sea / see) at the dead of night, a tiger comes to the lake to slake its thirt.
15. Mara _________ (cowered I covered) at the sight of the goddess.

1st PUC English Grammar Notes Homophones

16. The king was afraid that it was the _________ (last / lost) day of the world.
17. Mara’s _________ (last / lost) request was to make his son the watchman of the lake.
18. Douglass’ mother was with him In the _________ (night I knight).
19. Anthony’s _________ (forms I farms) were taken care of by Mr. Plu mmer.
20. Verona Is a love’y city with _________ (quite / quiet) medieval streets and buildings.
21. The two boys were sitting on the pavement beneath the _________ (pale / pail) arc lights.
22. Lucia sat propped upon pillows, looked very _________ (weak / week).
23. After the war, food was scarce and _________ (dear / deer) in Verona.
24. The village headman asked Mara _________ knot / not) to meet the king.
25. Mara wrapped the _________ (meet / meat) in the leaves.

  1. return
  2. peace
  3. site
  4. leaves
  5. lose
  6. heel
  7. piece
  8. write
  9. wallet
  10. ideal
  11. of
  12. cellar
  13. tail
  14. see
  15. cowered
  16. last
  17. last
  18. night
  19. farms
  20. quiet
  21. pale
  22. weak
  23. dear
  24. not
  25. meat.

1st PUC English Grammar Notes Homophones

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