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Karnataka 1st PUC English Grammar Notes Dialogue Writing

Question 1.
A student goes to a public library. He speaks to the librarian about the timings. Write a dialogue between them.

  • Student: Good evening, sir. May I speak to you for a minute?
  • Librarian: Yes, of course. What is it about?
  • Student: I wanted to know the timings of the library.
  • librarian: We are open from 9 to 9.
  • Student: is Sunday a holiday?
  • Librarian: Yes. it is. We are closed on all public holidays too.
  • Student: It would have been helpful for students il you had kept the library open on a few holidays at least.
  • Librarian: We will consider your suggestion and look into the matter.
  • Student: Thank you very much, sir. You have been very kind.

1st PUC English Grammar Notes Dialogue Writing

Question 2.
Ajay is asking permission from his father to go on a college trip. Write a dialogue between Ajay and his father.

  • Ajay: Hi, Dad. Are you busy?
  • Father: No, Ajay. Do you want to discuss something with me?
  • Ajay: Yes, Dad. Our college has arranged a trip. May I join the trip?
  • Father: Where are they taking you?
  • Ajay: We will be going to Goa.
  • Father: How will you be going?
  • Ajay: By train.
  • Father: For how many days?
  • Ajay: Three days only, including the time spent on travel.
  • Father: How much are they charging you?
  • Ajay: Rs. 5000.
  • Father: Is this inclusive of travel, food, and lodging?
  • Ajay: Yes, dad.
  • Father: Then it’s a good offer.
  • Ajay: Can I give my name?
  • Father: Yes, you may. But make sure that you are careful when you go to the seashore.
  • Don’t go too deep into the water.
  • Ajay: Sure, Dad. Thanks, too. I will ask Mom to prepare some savourles.

1st PUC English Grammar Notes Dialogue Writing

Question 3.
Imagine that you are at the Taj Mahal In Agra. You are asking the guide for details about Taj Mahal. Write a dialogue between you and the guide.

  • You: How long will it take for us to go around the Taj Mahal?
  • Guide: It depends on how much time Is at your disposal.
  • You: Can we finish It In an hour?
  • Guide: Sir that would be very short. Remember that it’s one of the wonders of the world. Once you start looking at the marvelous things, you yourself will realise that even if you have a whole day, it wouldn’t be enough.
  • You: That’s true. I have heard that, from intricate artwork to weapons of warfare, there are stunning things to look at.
  • Guide: True, sir. So, instead of wasting time, why don’t we start the guided tour?
  • You: As you say. I have the entry tickets. Please guide us in such a manner that we don’t miss out on anything of importance.
  • Guide : P assure you that, sir.

Question 4.
Latha is going to the birthday party of her friend. She wants to buy a gift for her. She is In a gift shop and speaking to the shopkeeper. Write a dialogue between them.

  • Latha: May I look at some gilt items for girls, please?
  • Shopkeeper: Most welcome, ma’am. May I know what kind of gifts are you considering? Do you want costume jewellery, accessories or showpieces?
  • Latha: I think I will go in for accessories.
  • Shopkeeper: That’s a good choice that you have made. May I know the range?
  • Latha: Can you show me something that’s within Rs. 1000?
  • Shopkeeper: Surely. This way, mam. All these are between Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000. We have a good choice.
  • Latha: Yes, indeed, I can see that you have a good collection. How much Is-that pink clutch?
  • Shopkeeper: That’s very reasonable, ma’am. There is an offer on that, It’s just Rs. 450.
  • Latha: I’ll take that because the colour code for the birthday party of my friend is pink.
  • Shopkeeper: I’m glad that you have found something to your satisfaction. Shall I bill it?
  • Latha: Yes, please.

1st PUC English Grammar Notes Dialogue Writing

Question 5.
Suresh has got the 1 rank in NEET exam. He shares his joy with his friend Nikhil who has got the 2’d rank In CET. Write a dialogue between them.

  • Suresh: HI, Nikhil. Hearty congratulations on getting the 2” rank in CET.
  • Nikhil: Thanks, Suresh. I was so nervous. I never expected it.
  • Suresh: Heyl All expected you to do exceedingly well and get a rank, It didn’t come as a surprise to us.
  • Nikhil: Thank you so much for your faith in me. P think I did well because of the best wishes from so many of you. By the way, what about your NEET exams?
  • Suresh: I did well too. P got the 1” rank.
  • Nikhil: Wow! That’s fabulous. When is the party?
  • Suresh: Anytime. Let’s treat each other.
  • Nikhil: Not a bad idea. Bye for now.
  • Suresh: Bye. See you soon.

Question 6.
Kumar has lost his purse on his way to college. His friend, Raju, sympathizes with him for the loss. Write a dialogue between them.

  • Raju: Kumar, what happened? Why do you look so upset?
  • Kumar: I  lost my purse on my way to college.
  • Raju: Oh! That’s sad. How did you lose it? Was It a case of pickpocket?
  • Kumar: Could be. I came by a crowded bus.
  • Raju: Cases of pickpocket have become very common now. last month I lost my mobile.
  • Kumar: Oh, that’s worse than losing a purse because you lose all contacts, photos etc.
  • Raju: Yes, I felt realty handicapped for some time, But It was an old set. So, didn’t get very upset. Did you have a lot of money in your purse?
  • Kumar: Yes, as I had to pay the examination fee.
  • Raju: It’s sad indeed… Do you want some cash? I can lend you some.
    Kumar Thanks Raju. It’s thaughtful of you. But it’s OK. I can pay the fee tomorrow as I have time till Saturday.
  • Raju: OK then. But cheer up. Some losses In life can’t be helped. Take care.
  • Kumar: I feel better after speaking to you. Thank you.

1st PUC English Grammar Notes Dialogue Writing

Question 7.
Satish has received an appointment order from Infosys. His neighbour, Ram congratulates him. Write a dialogue between them.

  • Ram: Hi, Satish, t heard that you have been selected by Infosys.
  • Satish: Yes, Ram. I received the appointment order today.
  • Ram: That’s great. When have you to join?
  • Satish: They have given me only 15 days’ time to report.
  • Ram: Which office do you have to report to?
  • Satish: The office at Whitefield.
  • Ram: It’s pretty far, isn’t it?
  • Satish: Yes, it is. But there’s the pick-up and drop facility. The food at the Food Court is also subsidised. So, it’s 0K to commute that far every day.
  • Ram: Good. You seem to have weighed the pros and cons. All the best for the new job.
  • Satish: Thanks, Ram. Hope I will do well.

Question 8.
Shobha complains about her headache and asks her class teacher to permit her to go home. Write a dialogue between them.

  • Shobha: Please excuse me, mam.
  • Teacher: What is it, Shobha?
  • Shobha: Ma’am, I have a severe headache.
  • Teacher: Are you feverish?
  • Shobha: No, ma’am, I don’t have a fever. But t had a late night. Maybe that’s the reason for my headache.
  • Teacher: When you don’t have a holiday the next day, you shouldn’t stay awake late.
  • Shobha: I had to complete my assignment, ma’am.
  • Teacher: Okay… Now, what do you want to do?
  • Shobha: May I go home, ma’am?
  • Teacher: Why don’t you rest in the Health Room?
  • Shobha: No, ma’am. If I don’t take proper rest, the headache will turn into a migraine. My tablets are also at home. So, will you please permit me to go home?
  • Teacher: Okay. But please don’t repeat this.
  • Shobha: No, mam. I will not.
  • Teacher: Please call your brother and ask him to take you home.
  • Shobha: Fine, ma’am. I will do that. Thank you.

1st PUC English Grammar Notes Dialogue Writing

Question 9.
Shrinivas has been admitted to the hospital to get treated for dengue. His friend Anil visits and consoles him. Write a dialogue between them.

  • Anil: Hi, Srinivas. I got the news Just today that you have been in the hospital for dengue treatment for the past three days!
  • Srinivas: Yes, Anil. I was admitted on Monday
  • Anil: How do you feel now?
  • Srinivas: Much better now.
  • Anil: I have heard that it’s very painful.
  • Srinivas: Yes, it is. The sad part is that even alter dengue subsides, pain doesn’t subside.
  • Anil: Anyway, I know that you are strong and will brave the storm. Please let me know if you need anything. I will be glad to be of help.
  • Srinivas: Surety, Anil. Right now, my brother who has come down from Mumbai is here. After he leaves, if I need anything, I will surely call you.
  • Anil: All right. Please don’t hesitate… Bye for now.
  • Srinivas: Bye.

Question 10.
You are in the ‘Poorvlka’ store to buy an i-phone. You are enquiring with the shopkeeper about the features of the i-phone. Write a dialogue between the shopkeeper and you.

  • Shopkeeper: What can I do for you, ma’am?
  • You: I heard that you deal in i-phones.
  • Shopkeeper: Yes, we do. Shall I show you the set?
  • You: Yes, please.
  • Shopkeeper: Mam, this is iPhone 8. It features a more advanced 12-megapixel wide-angle f/1.8 camera with a larger, faster sensor that lets in 83 percent more light.
  • You: I see. That sounds interesting. But may I have a few more details, please?
  • Shopkeeper: Other features include a new colour filter and deeper pixels for better colour saturation, a wider dynamic range of colours, and lower noise in photos and
  • You: May I know the price, please?
  • Shopkeeper: It’s around Rs. 60,000. If you give me a minute, I can give you the exact amount.
  • You: Oh, it’s more than my budget.
  • Shopkeeper: But we have festival offers, Its actual cost is Rs. 59,990, But you will have a discount of 20%. So you will have ¡t for less than Rs. 50,000.
  • You: That seems to be an attractive offer. I will take it.
  • Shopkeeper: Thank you, ma’am. Please note that there is a warranty of six months.
  • You: Thank you.

1st PUC English Grammar Notes Dialogue Writing

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